Marketing changes fast. The average business is often 6-12 months behind the current trends and technology. Your marketing staff is already working full-time to keep current campaigns active.

What do you do about:
– New campaign initiatives
– Aggressive competitive moves
– Industry disruptions
– Public Relations responses
– Critical staff vacancies

Many companies just keep moving ahead and realize later they are woefully behind.

What I do:
I fill the void your team needs. It could be a big trade event, product launch, market pivot, or unplanned staff vacancies. Or, you may have managed your marketing as needed, never taking time to invest in a proper marketing plan and messaging direction.

How I do it:
After an initial scoping call, we determine the areas most in need of attention:
– Brand messaging
– Social media
– Email marketing; journey flows
– Marketing/sales platform integration
– Content strategy, SEO, content creation
– Product launch
– Campaign management
– Sales collateral development
– Paid search and paid social
– Target strategy and segmentation
– Data analysis and optimization

Why it works:
– You don’t necessarily need a full-time person for some of these initiatives.
– You do need someone with years of experience who can integrate quickly, doesn’t need training or hand-holding, that delivers quickly while you continue with your business.

I have worked in small firms where I have performed ALL the above functions myself. I have worked in large organizations where I have needed to perform and cross-function with people around the globe.

Clients I enjoy most:
– Busy entrepreneurs and businesses needing sales growth, but don’t have
– Clients who have a void that needs filling for a short period: large, unplanned project, upcoming trade show, temporary staff augmentation
– Clients in seasonal surges that require extra help
– Clients that don’t have all the skills needed for task, need it done, and a cooperative plan for permanently filling the skill gap

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